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Alaska Medicaid Respite Care Provider in Anchorage, Wasilla, and Soldotna

Respite Care Alaska

Certified Respite Care Services Provider

Certified Respite Care Services Provider

If you are the primary, unpaid caregiver for an elderly person or someone with a disability, we at Genacta understand the importance of what you do. We are also here to help, often with Alaska Medicaid paying for 100% of our services. We’ll send trained aides to fill in during times when you cannot or should not be doing all your caregiver work.

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High Risk to Older Family Caregivers

Your work protects the health, happiness, and independence of the person for whom you care. Without you, permanent institutionalization would probably be needed. We understand your work is also fulfilling to you personally. It is in giving that we receive. On the other hand, family caregivers often take on too much. For instance, did you know that when a person age 66+ serves as the primary caregiver for a disabled spouse, the caregiver’s mortality risk increases 63% to 400%, depending on the health status of the caregiver?1 When people age 66+ care for a disabled spouse 24 hours per day, they lose normal opportunities to take care of themselves. They have interrupted sleep patterns. They don’t take time off when they are ill. They skip doctor’s appointments and have lower-self reported health care behaviors.

How to Eliminate the Risk to Family Caregivers

Research shows that mortality risk to family caregivers age 66+ only increases when the caregivers report feeling strained by the caregiving role. Caregivers who feel strained need to hire help.

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Respite Care Services

Respite Care Services from Genacta are part of the answer. Regardless of the age of the unpaid, primary caregiver, there will come times when the family caregiver is sick, injured, or needs to go on a trip. In these times and for other reasons, Genacta can send aides to help take care of your loved one. Features of this service include:

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  1. Schulz R, Beach SR. Caregiving as a risk factor for mortality: the Caregiver Health Effects Study. Journal of the American Medical Association. 282 (23): 2215-9.
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